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As the year winds down and we start to plan for the new one, I would like to offer a piece of advice for my Entrepreneurs. Many people try different things to try to spur growth or become a disruptor in the market. After trying different things and failing ( sometimes miserably), you may finally have that one idea that is successful and your business takes off; however, you may not be familiar with success or sure how to proceed. You tell yourself “I know the other shoe is going to drop” or you feel that it is too good to be true. I have never understood this “self sabotage” doctrine. You should not only be proud of your accomplishments but you should embrace them so that you can build on them. Being a successful entrepreneur is not only execution but a mindset as well. So let’s look at why you should embrace your success.

1. Your Failures Say So

When trying new ideas some of them are going to fail. That’s just the life of an entrepreneur. Even the ones you thought for sure were going to work might turn out to be terrible. Keep at it. With every failure comes more and more scar tissue which means that the failures didn’t hurt as much. Why is this important? It allows you to keep trying and be creative with the next step. You tweak your product here or you tweak your marketing approach there. It may seem like the failures are saying “that idea was terrible” or “you suck,” but if you listen closely, what they are actually saying is “what if you try it this way” or “you were on the right track but the market wasn’t ready yet.” Your failures are actually pushing you forward as opposed to holding you back.

2. Hush the Detractors

When you step out on that entrepreneurship limb you have a lot of people with something to say. Ideally, you want people to embrace your courage and support you. Often you are met with the opposite and you question why you told them in the first place. Sometimes people are so wrapped up in themselves they can’t see beyond that. So with that being said they tell you that you can’t do something because they were not able to. Its called projecting. To these people the logical conclusion is that it’s impossible and the fact that you may pull it off frightens them. So keep at it because the silence when you succeed can be deafening and vindicating.

3. You Belong On The Stage

It was you that had the courage to go out on a limb to start your venture. The late nights and early mornings. You built it from nothing. Others share that same story. Yes some are more successful than you are but that doesn’t matter. You earned your victories just like they did. Now the success is here and you are supposed to do what, be afraid of it? People don’t get called to a job interview if they are not qualified for the position. So when you get to the interview that part is out of the way. Now, its time to sell yourself. You did the work now enjoy the fruits you've earned. When you go to events and conferences you are often seen as formidable because you are not afraid of asking questions or speaking about something you are knowledgable about. You sit in the front row and you are not afraid to ask for things (presentation slides, business cards, etc.) We are revered and respected when we demand it. That confidence comes from success we have enjoyed and the progressive nature to build on it.

4. Your Legacy Demands ItThere are days when I'm too tired to write a post or don’t want to battle traffic to get to event. Then I remember who depends on me if this whole thing fails. Who is watching me when I take a play off? My kids, that’s who. Not many people can say they left a successful company to their kids and potentially the generations that follow. Even though you won't live to see it they will still know who built the foundation and be appreciative. It’s not your just your legacy you will be creating but the one that was left for you to carry on. It is the legacy of the parents, teachers, and mentors that invested what they had in you. They deserve a ROI as well. (return on investment). “Heroes get remembered, but legends never die" (The Sandlot,1993).

What's The Bottom Line?

There is no magic formula to accepting success. Don’t be crippled by past failures that will ultimately doom you and your business. This new year, crack open the champagne and pat yourself on the back. You earned it. Then wake up the next morning and start to write the story for your next victory. Stop playing for “Team Sabotage”. That team has enough help! #AnOwlInYourCorner


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