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We work to empower and educate people where they are so that they are inspired to go beyond existing challenges to find lasting solutions.

How We Innovate

Our work is about teaching others to be College and Career Competitive. We teach teams. We teach leaders.  We teach PEOPLE.

We developed professional learning and instructional content to teach 21st Century Skills and help people improve the way they learn, communicate, and solve problems in a changing world.


What are 21st Century Skills?

Learning Skills

Learning Skills

Learn strategies and processes to accelerate critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication. Learn more.

Literacy Skills

Literacy Skills

Gain 10 key literacy skills including foundational literacy, media literacy, scientific literacy, and data literacy. Read more.

Life Skills

Life Skills

Manage life's challenges by preparing for leadership, productivity, customer service, and social/emotional learning. Live more.

What We Do

We offer training, curriculum, and consulting services from professionals with years of experience in education, counseling, human resource management, and government. Owls has provided online, onsite and job-embedded support for over seventy schools, nonprofits, corporations, and government entities in order to inspire a new generation of thinkers and doers.





Cost Effective


Builds capacity in others for effective practices

Delivers documented success backed by data 

92% evaluate training as relevant and provoking

Get affordable tools to achieve lasting transformation


“STS Enterprise is honored to have Owls LLC as a training partner. Owls has provided impactful and engaging activities to both our coaches and our students. Qualitative data shows increased engagement and positive responses from our program participants.”

-Alton Cryer, Vice President | STS Enterprise


Boost implementation and impact of your organizational goals with transformational professional development. 


Promote higher relevance, engagement, and capacity by customizing curriculum to meet specific learning needs.


Support instructional plans with effective modeling, co-teaching, mentoring, and coaching.

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