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The "F" Word

This seminar focuses on techniques for overcoming fear of failure in order to live your best life.

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High-Impact Business Writing

Earn credibility and get the results you want from colleagues, clients and top management by learning to write with clarity and conviction. Business Writing covers all the fundamental rhetorical issues and writing techniques that separate the fast-track professional from the rest of the pack. Organized, logical and persuasive writing allows you to break through the clutter and to get your message heard. 


If you're thinking about moving upward in your career (and you should be) click below to learn how High-Impact Business Writing promotes effective writing that engages your audience, prompts action and delivers results.

Laptop Writing

Brain Power: A Guide to Critical Thinking

Brain Power reveals a systematic approach to problem solving by using experiential learning exercises to build participants' capacity to analyze problems, assess possible solutions and associated risks, and hone strategic decision-making skills  to quickly solve any issue large or small.


Learn to confidently present a compelling business case and expand your influence in your organization in a way that creates optimal conditions for success.


Next Generation Leadership

For the first time in history, the workforce has five generations working side by side, and lack of knowledge about the perceptions and values of younger generations can create barriers to attracting, growing, and retaining early career talent.  Next Generation Leadership is a how-to guide for creating a thriving organizational climate designed to release the talents and energy of millennials and Generation Z while valuing the wisdom of experienced government employees.


Transforming your organization using the latest research and an integrated career development strategy to successfully recruit and keep younger talent longer. 

Working Together

Public Speaking and Communication

Glossophobia, or the fear of public speaking, is America's biggest fear. Unfortunately, public speaking is also a  

competency people need to communicate and lead effectively.  In today's workforce, successful employers need to build and refine skills like persuasive speaking, conducting online meetings, creating a podcast, and leading a group in a difficult situation.


Public Speaking and Communication provides guidelines on understanding speech, making ideas compelling and memorable, illustrating and delivering your ideas, overcoming your fear of public speaking, and developing a great delivery.


All Systems Go

Design thinking gives great ideas form and function while systems thinking defines a way to lead and inspire change. Discover how your institution can use systems and design thinking to spur ingenuity and problem-solving at work.


All systems go introduces a process for data analysis, controlled risk-taking, inspired innovation, effective problem -solving, incorporate different point of views, and developing possibilities at work. 



How to create ingeniously improvised techniques, strategies, and solutions to a problem using available resources. In short, how to use use what you have to get what you need.

Watch Gear

How to Manage Conflict

For every leader or aspiring leader, effective conflict management skills and strategies are important for effective leadership, teamwork and organizational performance. Learn to address issues within your organization and successfully navigate challenging conversations with direct reports, peers, or supervisors.


When emotions run high and positive outcomes are critical, you can bring out the best in people when they are at their worst.  Master the skills needed to assess and consider issues from all sides, understand different personal styles, and implement a proven problem-solving approach to find workable resolutions that strengthen relationships and results.


Colleagues Working Together


When the interaction and cooperation of two or more people, teams or organizations is critical for success, taking time to synergize helps you achieve superior results.  Build collaborative and constructive teams that share leadership and responsibilities and treat each other with respect.

Building Better Teams teaches a framework for teamwork, open-mindedness and communication that fosters commitment and contribution from each team member to achieve a common goal. 

Working Together

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Conversations about diversity have evolved beyond the focus on whether different individuals are present in an organization to focus the question of inclusion: How does the organization ensure that diverse perspectives are valued when making important decisions? Further complicating workplace dynamics is the question of how to ensure historically underrepresented populations of employees gain equal access to growth opportunities and networks at all levels of institutional functioning.

The diversity, equity and inclusion seminar is an intense training that engages institutional leaders and employees in developing their own understanding and a systematic response to issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Co Workers

Building A Culture of Engagement

Building A Culture of Engagement equips supervisors and managers to boost employee satisfaction in their agencies by using low- and no- cost strategies for appreciation, communication, and empowerment to build morale and investment their workforce.


The seminar highlights research-supported methods, successfully applied across government, to help address real-world challenges. Participants receive a useful set of tools which apply proven methods of employee motivation to set clear and defined goals as part of the motivation process, and identify specific challenges of workplace motivation and learn how to address them. Outcomes include increased productivity, job satisfaction, and customer service.

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The Art of Persuasion

Whether you are negotiating a raise or recommending a course of action, persuasive conversations can be turning points in a career. How would you like to ability to win over tough crowds, show people why your ideas matter to them, and strike the right tone in any situation? 

The Art of Persuasion makes it easy to learn how to organize a coherent presentation narrative, create persuasive messages and visuals, and connect with and engage your audience.

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