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We have quite a few feathers in our cap  

Check out our featured case studies and contact us to learn how we can help your organization learn, grow and innovate.

How to Hack the ACT

It is possible to give all students the ability to neuro-hack their responses in order to manage time and stress better.  This enables students to perform the reasoning tasks necessary to do well on college and career readiness assessments like the ACT.    We combine mindfulness, test mapping, and reading readiness to help schools raise their average ACT score by at least three points in one year.  Meet our resident hackers!

Reading Readiness

Success begins in the classroom and our customers are always excited to learn that our consultants lead by doing.  Lead consultant, Kenda Johnson-Lawson, left a lasting legacy of literacy for her students. This preparation for lifelong learning became the basis for our educational philosophy.  Students took a baseline STAR assessment and monthly benchmarks. The results seen after the first month are amazing.

Deciding On Discipline

An overwhelmed assistant principal seeks help to address a mounting pile of discipline referrals.   We utilized intelligence and semantic analytics to define the problem, reframed the problem in terms of needs, and leveraged human capital to help meet those needs.  What happened afterward is truly amazing.  To learn more about this amazing transformation click here.

Motivating Millinneals

With millennials emerging as the primary workforce school leaders may have to dig deep to find out what motivates their employees. Action research conducted for administrators in one small town revealed that millennials were not motivated by big bucks or even job security.  Owls trained school leadership to be more responsive to their workforce which lead to significant improvements in school culture. Read more.

Powerful Professional Development

How powerful is your professional development?  What kind of impact does it make?  Our customer wondered why professional development never seemed to "stick" when teachers returned to school.  He agreed to pilot our Powerful Professional Development Model which encourages innovation, teamwork and a little friendly competition to IMPACT the school through shared leadership.   Contact us for more information.

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