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Owls partners with foward-leaning organizations, schools, districts, and universities around the world to advance the cause of social innovation.  Owls is proud to have worked with:


Anna Julia Cooper Education Services

Black Educators Rock

Canton Public Schools

Davis YMCA- Memphis

Divine Living Solutions

Edison Learning

Empower You Business Seminar

Grad Academy

Greenhouse Education Consulting 

GYD Network - Ghana

Hazlehurst City School District

Holmes County School District

Houston Independent School District

Humphreys County School District

Inner L.I.G.H.T.

Juvenile Intervention & Faith-based Follow-up (JIFF)

L.I.G.H.T. Memphis

Madison County School District

Memphis Jubilee Schools 

Mississippi Association for Middle Level Education

National Black MBA Association- Memphis

Next Level Apparel

One Step Initiative

Peak Performance Consulting

Remington College

Shelby County Schools

STS Enterprise Corporation

Sunflower Consolidated School District

Tennessee Charter Network

Tipton County Schools

TLC Learning Academy

Tunica County School District

Tupelo Public School District

West Tallahatchie School District

Westwood High School

Yazoo City Municipal School District 




"Kenda Lawson is an innovative educator who has been diligent in staying abreast of current educational research while serving as a lead teacher and educational consultant. Her strong communication skills, outstanding leadership abilities, and love for teamwork have been impactful in her contributions to the field of education. Mrs. Lawson's professionalism and compassion for teaching and learning have made her performance at every school with every project exceptional. Her work always yields results beyond reproach."
Dr. Princess Parker, Educational Consultant
“ It is professional duty and obligation to willfully attest to professionalism the Owls company brings. The consultant was a consummate professional. Her knowledge and expertise, modeled via her craft, enables her to display altruistic feats on a daily basis. She is a team player who vehemently puts others' needs above her own. Her approach to Educational Reform is fresh, innovative, and exciting. She envisions and embodies change with a sense of urgency. She is approachable and friendly. She handles crisis management with fidelity, and is a visionary thinker. Students yet reminisce about lessons that she taught to them; heretofore, those lessons are still being inculcated today. Therefore, it has been my honor to attest to professional, moral, ethical, and  professional integrity of Owls LLC. ”

Michael J. Gee, Leader and Educator

“ Kenda is smart conscientious, focused and intentional. Her students benefit from her hard work and rise to her expectations daily. While I do not have children I can say without reservation that if I did have children I would want Kenda to teach them, in fact I would go out of my way to ensure they were instructed by her. I believe in her skills as an educator, and anyone who is lucky enough to observe her teach will agree. She is amazing!”

Kristy Khoury, Speaker and Trainer


“When I hear the title “educational consultant”, I usually imagine a person observing me as I teach and then leaving unconnected or captious feedback; however, the Owls defy this notion. As a newcomer to the teaching profession, the consultant provided me with meaningful and effective coaching. She was hands-on with my students from the beginning and worked with me to craft purposeful ELA lessons and behavioral frameworks. Thanks to her, I have even developed a teaching persona that is authentic to my students and me. She is a “must have” for new teachers.”

Khama Weatherspoon, Teach For America

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