As parents, it is our job to prepare our kids for the world so that they can be productive citizens in it. We teach them right from wrong, the faith we were raised with, and how to be kind to your fellow man. The list goes on, right? Often, the one thing we don’t teach our kids is how to be financially savvy. The United States has one of the most sophisticated financial ecosystems in the history of man and yet only 18% of people are considered what we call “financially fit”. When I was a person...

There are many ways to start on the path to entrepreneurship. Some people leave jobs to pursue it, ditching their 9-5 thinking they can do it better than the firm they left. Others start straight out of high school with a passion that started in middle school. In my experience most people start their path through a side hustle. A side hustle is a hobby or side job you perform to compliment income you may get from a regular 9-5. As a business strategist, I am a fan of the side hustle; however, f...

How were some businesses able to make it out of the recession of 2008 while others were not so lucky? The answer is not as hard as you think. Far too often when people start on the path to entrepreneurship they don’t ask themselves enough questions. One of those questions should be is my business a consumer staple or a consumer discretionary business? Which one is better? Which one is the least volatile? Many times when I go on a initial consultation I asked these questions and people don’t hav...

As the year winds down and we start to plan for the new one, I would like to offer a piece of advice for my Entrepreneurs. Many people try different things to try to spur growth or become a disruptor in the market. After trying different things and failing ( sometimes miserably), you may finally have that one idea that is successful and your business takes off; however, you may not be familiar with success or sure how to proceed. You tell yourself “I know the other shoe is going to drop” or you...

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