Back when I was in elementary school, we use to read the Weekly Reader. 1992 was an election cycle, so it focused on the two primary candidates, George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton. My teacher asked us if we could vote who would we vote for and why. Being poor black kids living in South Memphis, all of us chose Bill Clinton, and all of them said because that's who their parents like. I also chose Bill Clinton, but I took it a step further. I explained how the Bush tax plan only benefited people...

Recently here in the Memphis area, Daymond John's Launch Academy came here to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and even people with careers get to the next step. I knew this was an excellent opportunity to learn some new methods and also network with like-minded people (or so I thought). However, I knew there would be some caveat because this 3-hour seminar was free. I was very aware that someone was going to sell me something. When the presenter came out, he repeatedly said that Daym...

We first heard about the MemPitch competition back in November during Small Business Saturday. It was a no brainer that not only would we enter the competition but that we would try to win. We knew that we would face stiff competition, it would not simply be given to us. Honestly, when has that ever been the case in entrepreneurship? At OWLS, we consider ourselves serial academics and probably our biggest competitive advantage is that we understand that winning, whether it be in the marketplace...

Look I know the title seems absurd but I wanted to get your attention and it seems I am successful. But you can achieve immortality, just not the way you think. When creating a business most people are focused on making it past the dreaded 18- 24-month mark. Then you get to the 10-year mark and you’ve expanded. 50-year mark. 100-year mark but by this time you are long gone. If the business you started with two nickels you rubbed together is bigger and better than ever, then my friend you have a...

Many entrepreneurs start a business with the greatest intentions. They have their business plan, funding is in place, and some have already built a large client base. Far too often however many entrepreneurs try to “reinvent the wheel.” They focus on the fun things and forget about some of the things that matter the most. As a kid (and even now) I loved to fly kites. I remember my dad took me to the park on a very windy day. He told me to tie a really good knot so that my kite wouldn't fly away...

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