Gates was inspired by Buffet. Zuckerberg listened to Jobs. Winfrey was held accountable by Angelou. Mentors are one of the greatest assets a business owner can have. Entrepreneurs who have mentors tend to have better results from their business which means they stay in business longer. Do you need a mentor? I would have to say no, it’s not necessary. However why wouldn't you want one? It doesn't cost you any money…or at least it shouldn’t (never pay for a mentor because scams are out there). Th...

Many people don't start businesses because they believe its hard or complicated to start. They often value the security of the 9-5 over the freedom of entrepreneurship. Then, there are some who feel that its so easy that they can skip certain things and not do others. These people tend to call me when its to late to save the business or close 18-24 months after opening. Either way I think its important to know the fundamentals on how to start one so we can pull the curtain back to expose the wi...

As entrepreneurs, we are very passionate about our business and really want it to succeed. We spend a little bit more on equipment because it’s faster and more efficient. Your manager, who has been with you for years, gets a pay raise because a competitor has offered him a lucrative contract. Most of your business decisions pay off because you have made the necessary call to scale the business and watch it flourish. However, your business may not be performing at optimum level because you are f...

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